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Is only  part of a larger unbroken sixty-eight-year-long chronicle of illegal and immoral activity, including: brain-washing, deception and lying, sexual entrapment, blackmail, forgery, drug-running and drug distribution, propaganda, suborning the press, planting of evidence, perjury, threats, extortion, breaking and entering, intimidation. That is why we Westerners must not use torture. He lied to Congress, he lied to the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, and above all he lied to the American public. Is that the kind  of  person we entrust our security to?  Sometimes the CIA even knew that the terrorist being tortured was in fact innocent (!),  yet they continued with the interrogation anyway! As we know from Socrates/Plato, the path to virtue is exceptionally arduous by turns treacherous, difficult, exasperating, painful, lonely, humbling, frustrating and not seldom dangerous, if, like Socrates, one goes against the grain of society;  which. Do we really want amoral individuals in important and  sensitive areas of government? But it was not until the assassination of JFK that he finally took steps to share his concerns openly with the American people. Torture degrades its practitioner; it separates him from the love of God; it poisons his spirituality; and it weakens his reason. But if for any reason we undermine this noblest and most sacred principle of allwhich makes Life the wonderful gift it is meant to bewhich undergirds, supports, sustains, and nourishes the whole of our Western culturethen our beliefs, and our actions.

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One can now perhaps better appreciate Kennedys anger and frustration towards an agency that believes and acts as if it is above the law. Kennedy, the recent release of many CIA documents by the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee detail: 1) the CIAs secret and systematic use of torture after 9/11; 2) the CIAs repeated denials that it was using torture; and 3) the CIAs testimony. It is the supreme gift that any nation can bequeath to its citizens: thus it demands our unwavering obedience, our  deepest  affection,  and our  enduring  vigilance. while hatred, by contrast, disrupts, degrades, and destroys everything good and beautiful in its path. Worse yet, this shameful episode in CIA historyor should I say. Dulles, acting with complete disregard for truth and legality, then forged a retraction by Truman and slipped it into an official file! . The CIA does whatever it wants because it believes that its ends justify the means. How much of what they say or do can we really believe? This is but further proof that the CIA is indeed a rogue agency, above the law, accountable to no one. Unfortunately for our country, deceit, lies, and non-compliance by the CIA are simply business as usual. Terrorism, which is nothing but ideology wrapped in hatred, rejects Gods saving Love and substitutes in its stead the negative virtues of cruelty, evil, injustice, etc.; but this only returns mankind to an earlier, uncivilized epoch, where barbarity, futility, and death reign undiminished and unchallenged. Yet it is axiomatic: one cannot effect good ends by evil means, for the evil inevitably taints the ends themselves. One month after Kennedys murder, Truman aired his concerns. . 11I want to shatter the CIA into a thousand six arabo annunci privati donne pieces and scatter it to the winds. Every generation in our nations history receives the inestimable gift of the constitutional rule of law, both in life and in government (a blessing which terrorists will never know or bring to their government but. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government (emphasis mine). Terrorism, we all know, is Western civilizations greatest threat. But that Dulles would forge a letter by a president of the United States, with absolute disregard for the truthand suffer no consequences ( not even losing his job ) is breath-taking in its audacity, shamefulness, and illegality. For some time, he wrote, I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment intelligence gathering and assessment. So Brennan, it now appears, has been lying all along. We wouldnt do that. . Starnes"d high-level.S. Journalist Richard Starnes, filing from Vietnam, gave a stark assessment in The Washington Daily News of the CIAs unrestrained thirst for power in Vietnam. In this article, Robert says that the Joint Chiefs, already in open revolt against JFK for failing to unleash the dogs of war in Cuba and Laos, were unanimous in urging a massive influx of ground troops and were incensed with talk of withdrawal. As we can now read in the newly-released documents by the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, torture was in fact used for many years after 9/11, though its use was a well-guarded secret; and that little valuable information was gained by means. Nothing, he emphatically told Congress, could be further from the truth.

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