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, it seems clear to me that in reality the problem of when armed response is justifiable or inevitable does not exist. The actions of the so-called historic armed organizations are only a minimal part of the phenomenon of armed struggle, even if they manage to be the most spectacular action. Materi al ready for assembly lines is burned. 19 Oristano: The central radio of usafe, an American military cor poration, is assailed and devastated following protests by local inhab itants concerning its installation. Glossary comunioniberazione is a catholic fascist organisation, predominantly composed of students and young catholics. trans trento escort forum perugia This guarantee would have been impossible in a different inter national perspective, with the ussr in more real contrast with the interests of the United States. Four comrades are arrested after being singled out by members of the communist party. The usual cry of legitimate defence is hurled by the assassins, but no gun was found in the hand of Mario Salvi, nor did it appear in any of the police photographs. 1977 January 6 Rome: At midnight ten incendiary bombs are thrown into the car park of the Ministry for Home Affairs. May 27 Turin: Red Brigades expropriate 60 million lire from the Polytech nic. 1968 sees a general relaunching of political organisations following the struggles of May in France. 21 Florence: Another death at work due to electric shock.

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December: Turin: Prima Linea claim the bombing carried out with 400 sticks of explosive against the new prison under construction. 3 Bergamo: Squadre armate operaia attack police station, immobilise and disarm those present and destroy premises by fire. The young proletariat are no longer willing to fatten up speculators, no matter how they disguise themselves. They gradually cease to represent the workers. 17 Milan: During an anti-fascist demonstration many comrades manage to enter the headquarters of the Italian Monarchist Association, and cause damage of more than 50 million lire. All the same, comrades come out into the streets and the morning is spent fighting off the police. 30 Padova: RTR television company and Pinton Industrial Electror is hit by molotovs and cars are set fire. 27 Palermo: Comrades block roads in the city centre. They break in without warning, shooting tear gas. March 7 Venice: A thirty-three year old porter picked up by the police for being drunk hangs himself in a police cell. Police storm the march and two comrades are wounded. To struggle against heroin pushers is for every heroin addict to struggle against those who seem to be giving him the only possibility of life and survival. We feel it is important to clarify this position, underlining a number of points: a) analyses are based on the personal positions of the comrades who work them out, and this could be otherwise; b) even if it does. The action takes place on the eve of the Red Brigades trial with the aim of having it postponed. The creative trans trento escort forum perugia essence of anarchism is present in this work of destruction: in striking and eliminating its hierarchical mechanisms right away, we are at the same time creating the premise for the libertarian management of society. On the walls: the dens of sweat labour will be closed by fire. 8 Terlano: Sergio Petri, aged 25, dies after falling from scaffolding. Two others, aged 24 and 39, die a few day later. trans trento escort forum perugia

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