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23 May, 2013 Trev - Can't believe. Stand still, O Beautiful End, for a moment, and say your last words in silence. Your pain is gone now Trevor long may you rest in peace. And my favourite dance band is The Cheinsmokers! For tickets info visit urlmFlorida Georgia Line Concerts 2019/url. trans lecco siena incontri Will be greatly missed, by all. The dark soil cannot hold the soul of a musician like him. Rest in Peace, Trevor Bolder. Glad we saw him last year in Roermond rolien 30 May, 2013 Dear Trevor! A straightforward adapter/ center can change your speaker to be cordless one! God bless you Trevor. Great then and great later. Trevor was a great musican and a great guy.


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Hardly to be seen behind his hair, but all the more, his bass. Trevor will be missed! I deeply condole to family, all relatives and friends of Trevor Bolder. Kent Backman 24 May, 2013 Oh, Istenem! I will never forget Think It Over linebass and how it change my mind about how to play a bass in a band. Colin 23 May, 2013 God Bless you Trevor, a true Pro Player.

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The product looks like this picture i hope soon i can buy. I chatted with Trevor twice once in the pub before a show in Norwich at the Waterfront, and at the forum after their show before Dio's. My warm condolence to his family and the heep trans a modena palermo incontri rik dergent antwerpen belgium rik dergent 23 May, 2013 mes simpathies a la famille de trevor,R.I.P je me joint a tout les fans d'uriah heep du Quebec rio Arcand. The world of rock will miss you. Rest in peace - Trevor Thommy Hartmann 30 May, 2013 ŸÑ.Ñ œÑ,Ñ. Manuel grech 23 May, 2013 Never forgotten. Trevor was a amaizing bassplayer. I was lucky to see Trevor play and think of this time with sadness. I hope that he is palying well for you. BBoysAgibe 4 March, 2019 Hello there, My name is George and I'd like to know if you would have some interest to have your website here at m promoted as a resource on our blog m? What a genuine staight and modest guy! Dearest Trevor, it was such a privilege to have worked with you and known you as a friend. Marco Geiser 30 May, 2013 I saw Trevor play from just a few feet away when I went to the Heep show in Tulsa in Nov. Max 23 May, 2013 A truly Mega bass player, one of the best. Sad day for rock world: Ville Jyvnt 30 May, 2013 Rest in peace, Trevor. I've been a fan since 1972, saw Trevor on the Firefly tour at Bristol Colston Hall in 1977 saw the current band again only 2 months ago in Frome. I think in life you have to achieve something, not just take up space. R.I.P Jouni Tarkiainen 23 May, 2013.I.P. Staf Pypen 23 May, 2013 i have read with great sadness the short News on Trevors death, wich has touched my heart, and Soul! Trevor has always been a monster bass player in any band he was in He let his fingers do the talking, holding the bottom up along with great backup harmonies as well. Alice from the Netherlands 3 June, 2013 If it is difficult for us to disappear a great musician appreciated by all, nothing is worse than losing a family member. Better to move your body side to side (sway) than stretch with your arms. This is the most famous app today that has a big library of tv shows and films.

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